Best. Summer. Ever.

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2007 at 6:08 pm

Just how awesome can big event comics be? Just how awesome is my summer looking?? Just how awesome is it to be reading comics right now???

This awesome. And this. And this. And especially (warning: spoilers on) this.


Annihilation Conquest: Prologue perfectly captures the strength and flavour of Marvel SF. I don’t know how better to describe Marvel’s approach to science fiction except to say that its image of deep space is deliciously cold. Because of this, there’s a level of grim beauty and high seriousness that acompanies its science fiction stories, giving them a more adult feel than DC’s. Perhaps this is Kirby’s doing; perhaps it’s rooted in the predominance of humanoid races over the wackier alien creations that DC’s space books sometimes favour (though Rocket Raccoon gives the lie to this one!). Whatever it is, Annihilation Conquest taps into it in spades. The Prologue, sumptuously illustrated by Mike Perkins, promises great things ahead. Two words: more Moondragon. Two more words: no Skrulls.

And speaking of space sagas, do they get any better than last week’s perfectly executed Sinestro Corps Special? The nearly universal praise this Special is receiving is justly earned. I can’t recall when I’ve read such an entertaining 64-pager–much less a single comic so crammed full of surprises. Some might not like Geoff Johns’s neo-Hegelian mania for synthesis (even I feel exhausted by it at times), but it’s irresistable here. Finally, that last remaining shoe from Crisis on Infinite Earths has dropped! Bonus: Ethan Van Sciver produces the best work of his career to date. Gorgeous.

Last but not least is World War Hulk #1. I rarely read the Hulk, but the combination of John Romtia Jr. illustrating the Hulk’s rampage and the inevitable Iron Man beat down was too tantalizing to pass up. The World War Hulk event is genius marketing on Marvel’s part: now they get to profit from all the rage and ill-will that have been simmering within fanboys and fangirls over Civil War. Perfect timing. Perfect planning. I can’t help but fall for it. Who doesn’t want to Hulk-out on Tony Stark and expend their disgust and loathing for the Avengers-Universe by throwing a violent temper tantrum that turns Manhattan into a war zone? Joe Q, your recent decisions have ensured that I won’t be buying an Avengers title until well into the next decade, but you are a smart, sneaky E.I.C.! Will the Hulk be paying a visit to Marvel’s New York offices in the great 70s tradition of Bullpen cameos, too? Now that would be sneaky–and shameless! FYI: Greg Pak and Garry Frank’s WWH follow-up in The Incredible Hulk #107 is all kinds of awesome too.


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