"We Were Legion": JSA #6 Preview

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Fans, myself included, have gushed over Johns and Eaglesham’s dazzling new Justice Society of America. And now they’re giving us yet another reason to make soppy slobbering fools of ourselves. Not only is “The Lightening Saga” treating old folks like me to the return of the classic Legion, it’s doing so in rare style. What can be said about Eaglesham’s art that hasn’t already been said? The image of the Legoinnares flying at night and silhouetted against the swamp is so delicate, you don’t doubt its reality for an instant. Johns’s dialogue is equally graceful. Superman’s heavy-lidded response to Geo-Force and Batman on page 3 is poingnant. It is also a brilliant bit of metaplay because the Superman who can be nostalgic for his childhood (in the future!) occupies the same position as the dyed in the wool Legion fan of a certain age in 2007 who is nostalgic for his or her own childhood–a childhood in which this Legion figured prominently. And after all, what Legion fan isn’t already nostalgic for the future? THIS is what the return of the multiverse is for. Just…wow.

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